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Welcome To Namda Private Industrial Training Institute Patna

Promoted by: Mahila Takniki Vikas Sansthan.

नामदा औधोगिक प्रशिक्षण केंद्र का प्रतीक चिन्ह :--

इस चिन्ह में अंकित शब्द :- Devotion Determination and Dedication. उन मूल्य परक व्यक्तिगत विशेषताओ को करता है, जो इच्छा शक्ति , समर्पण और निष्ठा जैसे गुणों के बल पर इस संस्थान के प्रशिक्षण उद्देश्यों को पूरा करते हुए कुशल कारीगर के रूप में राज्य की औधोगिक और आर्थिक समृद्धि में सक्रिय योगदा कर सके |


Mahila Taniki Vikas Sanstha, Sitamarhi, in the year 2002, created Namda Industrial Training Centre. The Institute has been founded at Sitamarhi with the primary objective of providing quality technical education to the future workforce directing their energy in positive contribution towards the development needs of backward economics and at the same time facing comfortably the global competition arising due to liberalization. The institute is being nurtured by a group of eminent Engineers, Technocrats, Educationists & Social activist who in past have designed & imparted technical education in innovative manners to make successful technicians. In the emerging quality conscious competitive scenario, not only the value addition & knowledge absorbency considerations are to be visualized & planned much before in the courses to be focused to cater individual needs & job width expectations from the future technical hands much before. NITC co-operate with several organization & freelance specialists to make our courses more meaningful.

Philosophy & Objectives:

The primary objective of NAMDA Industrial Training Centre is to impart need based professional technical skills at affordable costs in such areas of technical fields which find social relevancy at local level and at the same time improve the quality of masses. NITC operation are firmly grounded in its desire to act as an institute of technical excellence in its activity areas. Vision: Empowering rural youths through technical skill building process so as to improve quality of people’s life. Mission: To create fresh opportunities for future youths of Bihar. Approach in action: The institute mission is defined by several underlying principles, of which four key values characterize the shared view of nearly all its faculty members.

  • Action in the work
  • Quality education
  • Social relevancy
  • Empowered competent youth
  • In addition to training to be given in the institute, the trainee has ample opportunities for field exposure because the sponsor – MTVS – is running a no. of development projects. This combination of practical experience & modern technical training tools is what makes the probability of courses being offered as more successful & useful for first line technocrats for their contribution as manger, staffs of govt. non-govt. & private bodies.

    Training Methods:

    NITC strives for courses that are practically applicable, as opposed to merely theoretical & conceptual. Therefore, experimental learning through the exchange of experiences between participants would be important aspect of NITC courses. The courses rely on short lectures, visualization techniques, plenary discussions & personal feedbacks. Group assignments would be an important feature of the training to facilitate the learning process & also stimulate the exchange of different experiences, ideas & convictions. This way the NITC courses are expected to stimulate the participant to reflect on their own organizations & working environments & to analyze these during the different course modules.


    The institution is being located in an airy space with enough work & movement area. The premise is well connected on road with state capital Patna and other important places of Bihar & other states through rail & road.

    Course being offered: NITC offers following ITI Courses:

  • Electrician
  • Fitter

  • Want to know about our faculty?

    From Principal desk

    It is my proud privilege to warmly welcome you into the portals of this Learning and Building skill community “NAMDA INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE”, dedicated to develop skilled/outstanding students who can pursue their interests and strengths to the best of their ability so that our enriched students merge into the society building a strong generation for a better world tomorrow through dynamic education.The holistic approach of the institute stimulates innovation among students by inspiring fresh ideas with different perceptiveness, creative, practical and strong conviction. I do believe that you will browse through the portal and enjoy numerous opportunities/endeavors that our students take up to be a scholar and a champion or to be victorious.Our curriculum, trade offerings, co-curricular offerings aim towards growth of skill in our students.We are committed to work collaboratively with parents to nurture an individual who posses love for nation, society, community and family values. We also expect that we as a family will encourage students to persevere in face of challenges and adopt ‘never give up’ spirit.All of this is made possible by strong partnership between ITI, staff and parents. “For Truth and Service” is our guiding principle and we constantly look up on the Lord Almighty for strength and wisdom. I hope that our website will assist in this.


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